Kerala entrepreneurs launch branding tool BPRISE by Mathrubhumi


Kerala entrepreneurs launch branding tool BPRISE

May 17, 2019


A Mumbai-based adtech startup BPRISE, started by Keralites Sandeep Kuriakose and Leo Philip, has launched a marketing tool with multiple capabilities. This would invariably reduce the number of marketing platforms that businesses must invest in. It helps the business introduce its services to potential customers locally as well as helps create brand recall during moments of purchase intent.

Using their product, businesses and ad agencies are able to launch display ads, video ads, email campaigns, SMS campaigns and even launch ads on Facebook and Instagram. Having one platform for multiple marketing activities cuts the need to subscribe to multiple tools and to have specialized resources for various platforms; bringing down cost substantially. BPRISE has helps run their ads in the form of banners and videos.

BPRISE Bridging Offline & Online Data

AdTech Startup BPRISE Introduces An Everyday Marketer’s New Essential by Adgully


AdTech Startup BPRISE Introduces An Everyday Marketer’s New Essential

November 19, 2018


Mumbai-based adtech startup BPRISE, conceptualized and founded by young entrepreneurs Sandeep Kuriakose and Leo Philip in 2016, offers a mix of audience profiling and marketing solutions. They aim to help brands understand customers and digitally advertise to them. BPRISE is the first and only tech startup to offer solutions ranging from proximity analytics to marketing automation.

Bridging The Gap Between Offline & Online Data

Although brands today are able to capture product interests of their potential customers online, they are unable to do so in the offline space, let alone use that information as intel in marketing. This means brands overlook slivers of significant data points such as customers’ product interests at stores. And as a result, they are unable to gather true customer intelligence. BPRISE’s big data analytics wing deploys proximity sensors to analyze customer behaviour at stores, web analytics to understand website visitor behaviour and app analytics to measure mobile app usage. BPRISE’s data onboarding capabilities help brands connect customer email IDs, phone numbers, purchase history (1st party offline data, CRM data) and product interests based on dwell time (both at stores and even online) to device IDs and mobile/desktop cookies (online identifiers). Matching offline customer data with online identifiers helps brands acquire a holistic understanding of customers. Based on this 360-degree understanding of customers, BPRISE makes audience profiles or audience segments (of customers) that brands want to target. BPRISE helps brands understand what customers are interested in online as well as in the real-world and this is how brands gain true customer intelligence from their existing data as well as the rich data points that brands may have overlooked.

Bringing The Triple A’s Of Marketing To A Single Platform; Advertise, Analyze & Attribute

BPRISE’s marketing technology includes a marketing dashboard that automates most of a marketer’s daily work including email marketing, SMS campaigning, launching ads on Facebook, Instagram, and third-party websites. What makes BPRISE’s offer unique is that their marketing automation tool doubles as a programmatic media buying platform (DSP) as well. BPRISE’s mammoth marketing tool makes it possible for marketers to purchase display ad (banner, native and video) inventory via real-time bidding ad exchanges. An advantage for marketers that comes with BPRISE’s intelligent marketing dashboard is that they can also analyze and compare the performance of campaigns across emails, SMS, social media and third-party websites on a single unified dashboard. When brands identify mediums that perform better for specific audience segments it helps them allocate their ad spend more appropriately. Performance insights can be used as further intel in marketing, in turn refining brand reach.

Having also integrated into brand’s point of sale system, CRM software and more, BPRISE can tell brands which marketing media or advert assisted in conversions. BPRISE covers everything from automating digital marketing to measuring visitor behaviour in stores and online to marketing attribution. With their made in India customer intelligence and marketing solutions, BPRISE offers a fresh arsenal of digital tools for marketers to target their customers.

BPRISE Is Market Ready

Research states how on an average, enterprise marketers use at least a dozen distinct toolsets to support the aggregation, onboarding, management and deployment of customer data and how a small subset works with over 30 tools on a regular basis. The startup BPRISE aims to reduce the number of platforms that marketers employ to collate and analyze data for marketing. Their offering to the digital advertising space is a bipartite solution that will cater to the campaign and data needs of a marketer. They secured an undisclosed seed funding from a consortium of private investors based in UAE in 2017 and have come a long way with their epic solution for marketers.

BPRISE Bridging Offline & Online Data