I needed a pair of running shoes. The morning breeze works on me like the most invigorating drug. I get up every morning and go for a jog by the lakeside. It’s springtime, the ground is a carpet of green and the trees are lush with life. Yellow flowering bunches of the laburnums, red of the Flame tree make the entire experience worth more than missing couple of hours of sleep.

When my running shoes wore off, I started missing the best hour of my day. I work long hours. Lack of time demands me to do most of my shopping online. Visiting a mall has become a luxurious once in two months affair. I was browsing on my phone for the perfect pair of sneakers and spotted a gorgeous blue pair. As I went on to the payment tab, the site reflected the shoes to be out of stock.

My heart was set on the very same pair. I decided to make a visit to the nearest store and check if they had that product in stock. Sunday afternoon, I was parking my car into the basement of the mall. A message flashes on the screen of my phone, ‘Dear Shipra, you left the blue sneakers in your cart. It is available at our Pali Hill Store. Checkout if you are nearby.’

There are two things I realized that day. First, though digitization occurred to satisfy the need for speed and comfort, we can still go to any length for something that has our heart. We are ruled by our passions. The strength of our desires and the will to make them pass makes us human. Our thoughts make us human. I receive so many marketing messages but I buy only whenever and whatever I want.

Second, I pondered on how digitization can benefit the commercial world. The power of data can be utilized only when brands truly understand and serve what the buyer wants. As a buyer, I have so many choices. I will buy from someone who best meets my requirements and at the earliest. I will buy from the shop that knows me best, greets me best.

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