A Unified Platform

that takes you from

360° Analytics

across web, app and in-store to

Meaningful Customer Engagement

Unified Platform

  • Integrate our SDK (code) on your website or application and deploy beacons.
  • Unify customer data obtained online and in-store.
  • Analyze the data to understand customer choices and preferences.
  • Perform marketing and advertising based on actionable insights.
  • Personalize your marketing approach at all touch-points (in-store, web and mobile).
  • A unified dashboard to monitor your marketing campaigns.
  • Re-engage with your audience.
The BPRISE Process

Complete Analytics

  • Measure performance across owned and paid media
  • Understand the effect of Impressions on clicks and conversions in-store, on-line or cross channel
  • Segment your audience and understand their interests and habits
  • Get powerful visualizations for all the data

Actionable Insights

  • Real-time recommendations and offers
  • Contextual advertising that is relevant to your target audience
  • Personalized content that generates interest and is engaging

Personalized Marketing

  • Market in-web, in-app and in-store
  • Reach your audience through app & web publishers
  • Target lookalikes
  • Get APIs to integrate directly into existing systems

Who Should Use Our Platform?

If you are a business that analyses foot falls in-store or online and advertises to your target audience through multiple platforms, we are pretty much your go-to answer to solve the multiple platform problem.

Stitch Loyalty, Omni-channel marketing & re-targeting to deliver interactive and enhanced shopping experiences.
Track the outcome of your in-store marketing activities. Assess effectivity of the product placement. Convert post purchase review into revenue. Retarget the products that were reviewed/ browsed but not bought.
Educate about products and services, give personalized offers, enable mobile payments and so much more.
Enhance your customer’s in-branch engagement by seamlessly extending your digital banking services inside the branch with real interactions and effectively up-sell, educate and collect timely feedback.
Understand new aspects of customer behavior inside web/app. Utilize geo-fencing and demographics to drive more revenue.
Insights into audience composition can minimize your media buying budgets. Fine tune your targeting to cater to similar data categories and serve customized solutions.
Remember customers, their tastes and preferences. Personalize the connection to keep bringing them back.
Digitalize age old word-of-mouth publicity. Build customer profile, know preferences. Utilize proximity to tell them what their friends recommended or of another mouth-watering specialty.
Add more to the cart, ease navigation in-store and help with online purchases. Make shopping a breeze and informative.
Create a buying list based on past purchases. Identify needs, wants and time your marketing. Create compelling reminders and buying-points.
BPRISE's solution can be extended to any industry. Be it Ad Agencies, Real Estate, Health, Travel & Tourism, Automotive, Telecom, Fashion, Services etc.
Why follow the crowd if you are unique? Customize marketing to suit the business specific to you. Define and personalize marketing campaigns.


Team BPRISE at work

Powerful Cloud driven Data Crunching

In-memory data processing system enables immediate and real-time insights and actions.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning powers improved audience profile targeting and thus optimizes costs

Privacy and Security

We use advanced data firewalling, secure access controls and encryption for data in motion and rest. User Security and privacy runs in our DNA.

A Strong Team

A team of over 20 of the sharpest minds in analytics, middleware development and business is geared to drive higher ROI from your existing infrastructure.

Cross Device Targeting

  • Keep track of customers operating across different devices
  • Minimize spends on targeting same set of audiences on different devices
  • Reach viewers across devices through video, display, and native ads

Programmatic Advertising

  • Customer segmentation catering to age, gender, demographics and more
  • Target specific advertisements based on the segmentation
  • Buy, place, optimize the advertisements across networks


  • Digital Ad Space trading that is transparent and open
  • Purchase media inventory with the confidence of knowing the real cost
  • Know where your ads are running

“Personalization is Powerful”

Great! How Do I Get Started?


Install SDK & Beacons

Integrate our SDK (code) in your Web Apps. If you have a physical presence, deploy one of the available beacons or chose to go with our advanced beacons.


Build Campaigns

Build campaigns that run on any supported network for your target audience. Stop hopping through platforms and bring down costs.


Get The Analytics

Get a single dashboard insight into how your campaigns perform across networks. Build actions based on insights to enhance your business.

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