Google Discontinues Nearby Notifications; Beacons Have Still Got Your Back

Brands and more specifically marketers are on the lookout for better ways to advertise to their TG. Proximity marketing, display advertising, location-based marketing are practices that you’re already familiar with. Target, Macy’s, Walmart and CVS Pharmacy are some of the leading international brands that aggressively use beacon-based notifications for promoting their products.

Retailers use beacon-based marketing to hook customers at their brick-and-mortar stores with various promotional offers. Examples include pop-up messages/push notifications that say x% off on products that customers are interested in while they are at the store, shopping.

Even app owners and publishers agree that push notifications account for a small percentage of the app’s overall traffic. For example, for USA Today, they drive just 10 percent of its mobile app opens and 5 percent of the mobile app’s page-views. Although it’s a small number, those slivers of audience that engage with such notifications are valuable. To receive a push notification, a person must have downloaded the brand’s (or the publisher’s) mobile app.

So, how do you now launch ads based on your customers interests when they visit your store?

With location signals embedded in beacons, WiFi access points and other sensors, proximity-marketing sure can help you reach a critical mass. But if you’re dependent on Android Nearby Notifications to reach your TG, think again. Google says, “On December 6th we will stop delivering both Eddystone and Physical Web beacon notifications.” Although Google will stop serving Nearby Notifications next month, there is a practical and an equally exciting alternative to it!

Get BPRISE’s proprietary beacon integrated with your brand’s mobile app

So, you have a mobile app for Android and iOS users? Great! Let’s get beacon campaigns set up for you. Beacon-based campaigns that run on your app can be made extremely relevant and contextual.

We’re saying that it is important to offer customers with relevant information as it is to engage them. Launching personalized offers, promo messages, and rewards notifications when at the store will inspire instant customer actions and brand you as a business that cares for personalization and customer satisfaction.

If you have a good understanding of your customers (that we call “customer intelligence”), you’ll find that such proximity marketing practices help you serve your customers with the right promos at the right time even if you don’t have Nearby Notifications anymore!

We can help you make customer profiles and solve the customer intelligence puzzle with our secret approach in gaining customer insights. That’s not all we’ll provide the necessary tech you need to launch your personalized marketing messages and advertising as well. We deploy not just our proprietary beacons but also our analytics and martech capabilities to make it a winning deal for you each time you launch an ad!