ReTech Startup Awards At RAI’s Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon2019)

We won the second runner up award at the ReTech Startup Awards 2019 at our first attempt and we can’t keep calm! The award was part of Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon 2019), organized by the Retailers Association of India (RAI) in Mumbai. RAI serves as the apex body of retailers across the country and is a not-for-profit organization.

ReTechCon’s 4th edition had forward-thinking retailers, technology providers and vendors gather for a two-day conference and exhibition. The startup awards which was part of the conclave has its preliminary round conducted online. BPRISE was one among the final 10 startups shortlisted by the preliminary jury of RAI.

The final round, included a presentation of 5 minutes each by the top 10 finalists at ReTechCon 2019, before a judging panel elected by the RAI.

A panel discussion centered around theme “Technology Driven Entrepreneurship: The Algorithm of Success” was held.

Post the day-long exhibitions, panel discussions and the final round of ReTech Startup Awards, RAI felicitated retail contributors/leaders.

This was followed by the startup award results (much awaited!!!)…

We won the second runner up award and couldn’t be more ecstatic!!!

Here’s our founders Sandeep Kuriakose and Leo Philip rightly representing BPRISE!!!

We are extremely proud and happy that the retail industry is encouraging of innovations in digital marketing.

BPRISE is a programmatic platform that can be used by brands/retailers to communicate with their consumers digitally, based on their location. Since we rely on permission-based digital advertising techniques, consumers are targeted at specific locations in an opt-in manner; this means that the information they choose to share is encrypted and its privacy is maintained.

With BPRISE, advertise to consumers right when they intend to purchase and are on the lookout for discounts or at nearby stores.

How about advertising to store visitors, digitally? Possible with BPRISE. Want to announce seasonal sale to people in the vicinity of your store to encourage walk-ins? Totally doable with BPRISE. Want to run a branding campaign just because your business could use a major, digital shout-out? We got you!


Introduce Your Business To New Prospects With Video Ads

Get over a 100 MN impressions for your video ads & expand the reach of your business. Use BPRISE’s ad platform to run videos that help you present your services or products to potential customers in a unique fashion.

Video consumption is on the rise because of the ease with which the viewer understands its message. Feel the need to advertise on India’s top new websites? Or are you keen on running ads of your business on regional websites? BPRISE can help!


Benefits of advertising your business using short snippets of videos


  • Introduce your business offerings. Share videos of your product or services to help people connect with your business in a unique way. Use any of the free tools for making simple videos online or get it done professionally or even film yourself explaining why your product matters. Give netizens a reason to care for your business and educate them with video ads.
  • Widen the reach of your business on the web. Reach your customers on Times of India, MoneyControl, Sportskeeda, Asianet and 100s of such websites. From our list of ad publishers you can choose to run your video ads on websites that your potential customers might frequent. You have full control, from selecting the websites to setting the budget.
  • Measure how well your video campaign performed. Check your BPRISE account to keep a tab on views and budget. Visit the “Insights” tab in your BPRISE account to learn more about how ad viewers engaged with your ad. For example, you can tell which videos have been watched fully.



Get started in 4 simple steps

BPRISE ad platform is a programmatic advertising platform which means you can buy ad slots from across some of the best websites in India. A few features of the platform making it worth your while:

  1. Geographic Targeting
  2. 2000+ Publishers (websites and apps)
  3. Auto-optimization for the desired CTR

Tune up your digital advertising

As a business owner you would want to advertise and market your offerings digitally. With BPRISE’s easy to use, multi-functional platform, you could potentially supercharge your digital reach and brand awareness. For more details about advertising digitally, write to us at [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to help.

Let us know what your current digital initiatives are in the comments below!


We attended the CDO Summit 2018 recently and it spoke about the key digital, social and business challenges, practices, and innovations that are shaping India today. The summit was full of panel discussions with experts from banking, real estate and hospitality industries.

In our previous article we covered how banks are looking into “digital” to improve their customer engagement activities.

Our learning and observations that were real-estate specific include:

How useful are bots, really?

There’s no doubt that bots help gather information about website visitors, but can it really address visitor concerns? A study by PwC states that, although technology is changing customer experience, customers still want a human interaction. eMarketer also highlights how a study found that 80% of the respondents preferred humans for resolving problems, after making purchases.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand colloquial languages help your chatbots better understand and address visitors’ queries. Investopedia defines NLP as a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to break down and process human language. Similarly, real estate companies could invest in sentiment analysis that help in bettering the bot’s conversational skills.

BPRISE recommends studying the behaviour of your website visitors first with the help of web analytics to start with.

Understand what website visitors really want

For example your website lists properties available across the country and let’s say you have an upcoming exhibition in Mumbai. Wouldn’t it be interesting to fish out your website visitors who are from Mumbai and advertise exclusively to them?

Segmenting visitors based on what they read about and click on when they’re on your website is step 1 in gaining relevant consumer insights. American Marketing Association talks about out the types of keyword phrases that visitors use in search engines –

Understanding the intent comes with a close observation of your visitors activities on your website. If they’re looking up properties in Marine Drive Kochi, Kerala, good. They’re also filling up forms to help you contact them? Great! Now how about having your brand’s ads follow them everywhere they go online? BPRISE can help you have your ads placed at intelligent locations across the web.

Can “digital” make prospects see what existing customers see?

The answer is yes! All you need to do is analyze your customer data and take surveys of what your clients love about your brand and feed that intelligence into your marketing platform such as the BPRISE Manager Platform. While you’ll have to take care of the surveys yourself, we can help you gain customer intelligence with our analytics engine.

BPRISE’s analytics engine helps you gain the kind of solid customer insights you need to inform your marketing efforts. Once we analyze your offline and online customer data, we plug this wisdom into our marketing engine.

Stay tuned for the next post because we’re talking display advertising, email marketing and more to help you nurture and educate your best leads! BPRISE Manager Platform can help you place your ads in the best of websites in the country to start with!

If 60% of the population are going to find their next house online, wouldn’t you also want to be on the websites that your potential customers are frequently visiting?


Google Discontinues Nearby Notifications; Beacons Have Still Got Your Back

Brands and more specifically marketers are on the lookout for better ways to advertise to their TG. Proximity marketing, display advertising, location-based marketing are practices that you’re already familiar with. Target, Macy’s, Walmart and CVS Pharmacy are some of the leading international brands that aggressively use beacon-based notifications for promoting their products.

Retailers use beacon-based marketing to hook customers at their brick-and-mortar stores with various promotional offers. Examples include pop-up messages/push notifications that say x% off on products that customers are interested in while they are at the store, shopping.

Even app owners and publishers agree that push notifications account for a small percentage of the app’s overall traffic. For example, for USA Today, they drive just 10 percent of its mobile app opens and 5 percent of the mobile app’s page-views. Although it’s a small number, those slivers of audience that engage with such notifications are valuable. To receive a push notification, a person must have downloaded the brand’s (or the publisher’s) mobile app.

So, how do you now launch ads based on your customers interests when they visit your store?

With location signals embedded in beacons, WiFi access points and other sensors, proximity-marketing sure can help you reach a critical mass. But if you’re dependent on Android Nearby Notifications to reach your TG, think again. Google says, “On December 6th we will stop delivering both Eddystone and Physical Web beacon notifications.” Although Google will stop serving Nearby Notifications next month, there is a practical and an equally exciting alternative to it!

Get BPRISE’s proprietary beacon integrated with your brand’s mobile app

So, you have a mobile app for Android and iOS users? Great! Let’s get beacon campaigns set up for you. Beacon-based campaigns that run on your app can be made extremely relevant and contextual.

We’re saying that it is important to offer customers with relevant information as it is to engage them. Launching personalized offers, promo messages, and rewards notifications when at the store will inspire instant customer actions and brand you as a business that cares for personalization and customer satisfaction.

If you have a good understanding of your customers (that we call “customer intelligence”), you’ll find that such proximity marketing practices help you serve your customers with the right promos at the right time even if you don’t have Nearby Notifications anymore!

We can help you make customer profiles and solve the customer intelligence puzzle with our secret approach in gaining customer insights. That’s not all we’ll provide the necessary tech you need to launch your personalized marketing messages and advertising as well. We deploy not just our proprietary beacons but also our analytics and martech capabilities to make it a winning deal for you each time you launch an ad!

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Summit 2018 | Learning (Part 1)

The CDO Summit highlighted the key digital, social and business challenges, practices, and innovations that are shaping India today. We observed how the summit was ruled by influencers from banking, real estate and hospitality industries.

Our learning and observations that were bank-centric include:

Not everybody is comfortable transacting online

Although the UIDAI’s instruction to banks about continuing with Aadhaar-enabled Payment System (AEPS) can be a real boost for digital payments, there is still hesitation among Indian citizens in relying on digital means to make payments.

One approach banks can take to encourage digital transactions is to connect with customers using personalized marketing ads, messages and emails.

BPRISE can partner with banks, understand bank customers’ product and service interests both from within the bank (such as loans, investments etc.) and from outside the banks (such as interest in home or automobile purchases etc.) to give the necessary intelligence to bank officials.

Technology is getting smarter, how about your customer intelligence?

Customers and potential customers walk into your bank branch after having done their research on products or services they’re interested in.

Today’s citizens are well read and updated about the options available to them and expect you to take customer experience at branches, a level up.

BPRISE equips you with real-time customer intelligence by helping shoot relevant marketing messages and ads to target groups (TG) that are of importance to you such as, “potential home buyers” or “potential auto buyers” and more.

Image: Freepik

Can customer wait time (at bank branches) be used?

Customers seldom visit bank branches and when they do, bank officials need to engage them with relevant information and services. Existing customers would enjoy personalized services; can banks today deliver an experience for customers walking in today?

Banks can resort to deploying staff who engage in conversations with customers waiting in queues, but this could be more expensive than having the necessary technology in place.

BPRISE can give banks with the required marketing automation solutions to run timely SMS and email campaigns to converse with customers at their branches making it worth their wait time.

How can digital payments be encouraged?

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) is leading the “Promotion of Digital Transactions including Digital Payments” initiative in the country. Meity has even geared up to promote digital payments by spreading awareness about the same, promoting digital transactions by conducting training and workshops.

Digital means such as display ads, marketing messages and emails and even ads on social media can be used to subtly communicate with customers about trying out digital means to pay. Banks can proactively reach out to customers and potential customers with BPRISE’s marketing technology. Concentrating on Facebook to run ads about making payments online could be useful, because Facebook is the most used social media platform in the country.

In our next article we cover how real estate companies are looking into “digital” to improve their customer engagement activities.